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 1700 US 271 S,

Bogata, Texas 75417

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Texas Elderberry Farm and supplement producer.



Floating O Farms

Ashley February 2023

HIGHLY effective natural products that are not watered down!

Floating O Farms

Kristy February 2023

Their Elderberry is amazing. It tastes good and that’s something this momma looks for (kids are all about the tastes)!

Floating O Farms

Shane Daniels February 2023

Amazing Owners,& Family! Offering a piece of Nature’s Best The Responsible Way!!!!

Floating O Farms

Laura Hays February 2023

Excellent product, excellent customer service.

Floating O Farms

Patti Galloway February 2023

I have NEVER posted a review of anything.
I honestly feel the Floating O Farm, syrup should be standard in every home. I resist all meds & remedies but this is the one product I use & swear by. My whole family depends on Floating O Farms. I swear it works

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