Good morning Texas!!

We currently have duck and chicken eggs in stock, all pasture free. As spring gets closer our selection will widen such as herbs, spices, and other offers.


Moriarty Farms is a local family owned farm & rescue. This plot of land started as a hay field but over time it is becoming a self sustaining ecosystem. Thriving animals, pollinators freely roaming across wild flowers, seasonal crop, and so much more. The foundation for our farm is quality of life. We strive to give our animals, crop and our family a quality of life. We wanted to extend that to our neighbors and friends. Now we are able to supply eggs and other products to our community extending that quality to others. Just a farm and homestead sharing its abundance! As we strive for self sustainability and regenerative farming practices, we also do our best to give a quality life to everyone on the farm, including our animals. – DISCLAIMER: Moriarty Farms is family owned and operated. We are not a business, but a local farm. All purchases go back into the farm for feed, maintenance, animal health, etc. We are by appointment only. Find all our information and social medias via ORDERS: Cash, cash app $Moriarty590, Card. Please note due to many possible issues out of our control once eggs leave the Moriarty Farm property whether by shipping, delivery, and/or pick up, We cannot guarantee hatchability or health of hatching eggs; Order at your own risk; We cannot guarantee the quality or type of offspring from hatching eggs. NO refunds, Order at your own risk. We do not guarantee the health of livestock due to many possible issues out of our control once they leave the Moriarty Farm property whether by shipping, delivery, and/or pick up. is how Moriarty Farms determines delivery fees and are subject to change. All sales final. If there is an issue with an order, please contact us and we will work with you the best we can. – RESCUE PROGRAM: If you are wanting to surrender an animal to Moriarty Farms it must be delivered or picked up by appointment only, and a Surrender of Livestock form signed. Please contact us by phone, e-mail and or social media to discuss how we can help. Dropping off without an appointment and/or abandoning animals on to Moriarty Farms is prohibited. Moriarty farms has the right to deny any application form surrender or adoption at its own discretion. If adopting a Rescue & Rehome adoption form must be filled and signed. Filling out an adoption inquiry does not guarantee an adoption. Upon approval rehoming fees must be paid for you to take your new animal(s) home. Rehoming fees vary based on species of animal. Cash, cash app $Moriarty590. Our rescue & re-home program is exactly as it seems. Animals that may not have been able to be kept, abandoned or that just need a new home get that second chance here. Some stay here forever others are re-homed to wonderful people. Please feel free to inquire more details by contacting us through our FaceBook profile, e-mail, or phone. – If you have any questions or concerns, contact: Moriarty Farms at 512-855-3773 or [email protected]. Thank you for supporting our family owned & operated local farm!