Purebred Red Wattle and crossbred Red Wattle/Mangalitsa feeder piglets.
Cleburne TX.
Farrow to wean on pasture.
Have about 20 weaned, back on pasture, and ready to go. Happy to feed one out for anyone that wants fresh, quality pork but doesn’t have space.
Will run to the rattle of a bucket.
Although large, red wattles have a gentle nature and are great for small family farms and homesteaders.

Cedar Break Piglets come from purebred, registered parent stock, carefully selected (and culled over time) with specific focus on meat quality, growth rate, mature structure, temperament, etc. Genetic profiles on file for all breeding stock showing they are genetically statistically predisposed to produce disease resistant, quality meat hogs and breeders. We are happy to host farm visits and discuss our breeding program and selection criteria.