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Yes, additional video or live viewing upon request. With 2-3 weeks advance notice.

Location: Texarkana, TX

Price: $2.50 lb live weight on scales, weighed during load up. Payment via Cash, Certified Check, Venmo, PayPal or ACH.

Description: (4) 50% Waygu steers home grown and grass fed.

NHTC: Non Hormone Treated Cattle means that no hormones were administered to the cattle to change the way they grow or perform.

Pasture Raised: Raised from birth to current on all natural free choice Grass Forage and free choice minerals, plus clean cold Bowie County TX well water.

Wagyu: translated from Japanese meaning (wa) Japanese (gyu) beef.

Age: 25 and 26 months old now. They will finish at approximately 30 months old.

Weight: Steers are all weighing 1,000 – 1,100 lbs currently and projected to finish 1,200 – 1,300 lb +.

Processing: Includes a scheduled drop date of September 13th at a USDA certified processor near Carthage, TX. You work directly with the Processor in advance for deposit and completed cut sheet. They will hang 14 days minimum and 21 if requested. All processing fees direct between buyer and processor. * You can pick up at the ranch directly in Texarkana TX if you have a preference for another processor.